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Kevin Durant Is Getting Crushed For The "Excuse" For Controversial Instagram Like

Kevin Durant at the ESPYS hearing a joke

Kevin Durant liked a controversial Instagram comment today. The Golden State Warriors star forward is now getting roasted for his excuse for liking it.

The All-NBA forward liked a comment that was critical of his former teammate, Russell Westbrook. The comment called Westbrook "the problem" in Oklahoma City.

Sports Illustrated captured a screenshot:

This was the Instagram post that sparked Durant's like:

Durant has now commented on the like. He says it was an accident.

"Kevin Durant tells me it was a "total accident" that he liked a comment on Instagram about Russell Westbrook. Was just an honest mistake," Durant told ESPN's Royce Young.

Does anyone believe Durant? Of course not.

It is possible to accidentally like an Instagram comment. However, with Durant's history on social media, this is not an excuse anyone is going to believe.

Durant and Westbrook are both still in the NBA Playoffs. The Warriors can clinch their first round series against the Spurs on Tuesday. The Thunder, trailing the Jazz 2-1, are set to play Game 4 tonight.