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Trade Rumors Are Swirling For Kevin Love After LeBron's Departure

kevin love runs onto the court during a game for the cleveland cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers star forward Kevin Love runs onto the court. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

Kevin Love remains a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. For now, anyway. The All-Star power forward could be on the move.

With LeBron James moving on, signing with the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency, it seems like the Cavs are heading for a rebuild. Earlier reports suggested that Dan Gilbert will attempt to build a playoff team, immediately, but that seems unlikely.

New reports claim that Love could indeed be traded. The Cavs are reportedly open to moving him.

Sam Amico has been reporting that the Cavs will look to see what they can get for the All-Star forward on the trade market.

Amico is not the only one who has been reporting this. Jason Lloyd of The Athletic is also reporting that Love is a player who could be dealt.

Love has said previously that he enjoys Cleveland and would like to stay there, but he knows this is a business, and for the Cavs, the best decision for their future is probably to trade him for future assets.

There are several teams that could be interested in taking Love on - Blazers, Rockets, Hornets, Wizards, probably others - and most of those teams would likely be willing to move a pick or a young asset or both for him.

Love, 29, has two years and roughly $50 million left on his contract.