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Kirk Herbstreit Has Been Battling People Angry At ESPN On Twitter

Kirk Herbstreit discusses Jim Harbaugh on College GameDay.

Kirk Herbstreit isn't shy about expressing his opinions. After all, analysis and opinion are what Herbstreit gets paid by ESPN to provide.

Occasionally, Herbie's thoughts and observations get him into scraps with certain fan bases. He's not afraid to call those fan bases, or individual fans out if need be.

Some angry tweeters found that out today. The first man, an Auburn fan whose handle is @JasonCleghorn, tweeted at ESPN in response to the news that Alabama is getting a documentary on the network this fall.

Even though Herbstreit wasn't tagged in the tweet, he must have found it, because he responded to the criticism of his employer.

Herbie didn't stop there though. He took on some more disgruntled fans claiming SEC or 'Bama bias.

ESPN is constantly battling charges of bias from various fan bases, so Herbstreit is understandably quick to defend himself and the network. We wouldn't expect anything else.

At the very least, Alabama and ESPN will mutually benefit from this show. The Worldwide Leader gets to showcase a premier brand and the best team in college football, while Alabama gets more good press for its program.

Sure, at this point the Tide don't really "need" that. But every little bit helps.