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Kirk Herbstreit Just Blasted This College Football Fan On Twitter

If you're a college football fan and you're upset with Kirk Herbstreit for something he said about your favorite team and you're thinking about tweeting something negative at him, here is some advice:

Don't do it.

The ESPN college football analyst has a history of roasting fans that come at him with off-base comments on Twitter. It happened again this morning.

A Texas Longhorns fan picked at Herbstreit's college football predictions after the ESPN analyst posted a picture of his dog on Twitter.

Herbstreit responded with a solid takedown:

"Congrats on 2 big weeks. It’s awesome. But You lost to MARYLAND 2 years IN A ROW!!!! And have a .500 record in Big 12 play over the last EIGHT YEARS. Cmon son....Try to enjoy your little run with some humility. Maryland!!!!" he wrote.

Point: Herbstreit.