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Kirk Herbstreit Says There's A New "Heavy Favorite" To Make The Playoff

espn's kirk herbstreit on sportscenter

ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit believes one top 10 team will have to suffer a surprising upset in order to not make the College Football Playoff this season.

Notre Dame, which won its top 10 showdown against Stanford on Saturday night, remains undefeated and is looking good.

The Fighting Irish have already won what might be its two biggest games of the season - Michigan, Stanford - and an undefeated regular season seems possible.

Herbstreit says that Notre Dame will be a heavy favorite to make the College Football Playoff moving forward.

"Will need to be upset to prevent it. Be heavily favored in every game remaining," he writes.

Notre Dame has a big one coming up next weekend, though.

The Fighting Irish travel to Virginia Tech on Saturday. The game will kick off in primetime.