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Kirk Herbstreit: This College Football Fan Base Is Embarrassing Itself

Kirk Herbstreit was not happy with a particular college football fan base earlier today.

The 2018 NCAA Tournament is underway, but Herbie spent part of his morning getting into it with a college football fan base.

The ESPN college football analyst went at it with some UCF fans. Of course, it was regarding their "national championship" season.

Herbstreit had a message for all of the program's fans claiming a "national title" for what they accomplished under Scott Frost in 2017.

"Just stop."

The ESPN analyst says the fans who are doing this are damaging their own brand.

"Just enjoy a magical-incredible year. You’re damaging your own brand by jumping up and down “claiming” a National Championship. Just stop. Your “National Champions” in your own world. And that’s awesome. But the rest of us crowned Bama the champ January 8th," Herbstreit tweeted.

Here are his full tweets:

UCF did officially recognize the 2017 season as a national championship season, but nobody in the college football world is really recognizing it.

If that's what UCF wants to do to make their program and its fans happy, though, go for it.