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Kristine Leahy Is Getting Her Own Show On FOX Sports 1

Kristine Leahy speaks on FS1.

Kristine Leahy, who most sports fans see on The Herd with Colin Cowherd on weekdays, is apparently getting her own show on FOX Sports 1. Leahy announced the news on The Herd on Wednesday morning. Details about the show's format and content have yet to be released.

Leahy, who is 31 years old, also hosts American Ninja Warrior on NBC. She's worked a number of sports-related jobs, including roles as a reporter, anchor and sideline reporter. She currently lives in Los Angeles, but got her career started in Boston.

Leahy, who was on vacation the past few days, teased the news on Twitter before the show went live on Wednesday. Check it out:

Leahy reportedly will not be part of The Herd moving forward. There's no word on who her replacement will be as Cowherd's sidekick.

Leahy was thrust into the spotlight last May after a controversial interview with LaVar Ball. Ball, who said his Big Baller Brand line was not meant for women, told Leahy "stay in yo lane" - which many perceived to be sexist.

It'll be interesting to see what Leahy's show looks like. It's great to see a female in the male-dominated sports world getting a shot at her own gig.