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Kyle Kuzma Reacts To The Lakers-Kawhi Rumors On Twitter

kyle kuzma speaks at a lakers press conference

Lakers fans are on high alert today. Los Angeles and San Antonio are reportedly "fully engaged" on trade discussions for Kawhi Leonard. It seems like something could happen soon.

Lakers players are on high alert, too - especially Los Angeles group of young ones. At least one (and probably more) would be included in a deal for the Spurs' star forward.

Rookie forward Kyle Kuzma is among the players being mentioned in a possible trade for Leonard. Kuzma was one of the most-surprisingly good rookies in the league this past season. The 22-year-old forward is likely one of the guys the Spurs are attempting to get back.

Kuzma appears to know this.

The former University of Utah standout recently took to Twitter and summed up the situation pretty well.

Kuzma's tweet was just a GIF, but nothing more needed to be said:

ESPN had reported earlier today that Los Angeles was likely willing to include Brandon Ingram and a future first-round pick in a deal for Kawhi. That's not enough for the Spurs, though. They want more and Kuzma could be one of the players that could seal the deal.

Losing Kuzma would be a tough pill for Lakers fans to swallow, but if they end up with Kawhi and LeBron, they'll probably be OK.