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New Trade Rumors Are Now Swirling For This All-Star Point Guard

kyle lowry speaks at raptors press conference

Kyle Lowry doesn't appear to be very thrilled with what's happened to the Toronto Raptors this summer. The All-Star point guard was extremely close with DeMar DeRozan, who was surprisingly traded to San Antonio in return for All-NBA forward Kawhi Leonard.

Lowry had a weird interaction with a reporter earlier this week at Team USA's minicamp when asked about Leonard.

Do you have a relationship with Kawhi?

Lowry: “No. I know him. Mutual respect.”

Have you spoken to him?

Lowry: “I don’t know.”

You don’t know if you’ve spoken to him?

Lowry: “No.”

What do you mean?

Lowry: “I don’t know if I’ve spoken to him.”

Are you not sure?

Lowry: “No. I’m not sure. He’s not here, so I haven’t spoken to him.”

On the phone, I mean.

Lowry: “I haven’t spoken to him. No.”

OK then.

Lowry, 32, is clearly hurt by the Raptors' decision to get rid of DeRozan, even if the team ended up with a potentially great player in Leonard.

There is now talk coming out of Canada that Lowry could be on the move, too. Lowry refused to comment on the Raptors' decision to trade DeMar earlier this week.

"I'm here for USA Basketball," Lowry repeated. "It's been a great week for USA Basketball."

The Raptors could be the best team in the East in 2018-19. It would be surprising if Toronto had plans to trade Lowry, too. However, the front office has clearly proven to make whatever moves it feels necessary to improve.