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Kyrie Was 'Bothered' That LeBron's Friend Got To Travel With The Cavs

Irving's friends, meanwhile, weren't afforded the same opportunities.

Kyrie Irving is reportedly "bothered" by what the Cavs allow LeBron James' friends to do.

ESPN published a deep dive on Irving's trade demands earlier today.

Included in the story is a note about the All-Star point guard being frustrated by the opportunities presented to those close to James. Meanwhile, those opportunities are reportedly not made available to those close him.

From ESPN:

But there were ancillary issues that bothered Irving, too, such as how James' good friend Randy Mims had a position on the Cavs' staff and traveled on the team plane while none of Irving's close friends were afforded the same opportunity.

While it's understandable that Irving would be frustrated by that, James is the most-powerful player in the history of the NBA.

No matter where Irving goes, he's not going to get the type of control/freedom that James has.