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NBA Insider David Aldridge Has Major Update On Lakers-Kawhi Leonard Trade

kawhi leonard speaks at nba all-star weekend

We've entered another day of Kawhi Leonard Trade Watch. The All-Star forward remains a part of the San Antonio Spurs organization. How much longer is that going to be the case?

It's looking like Leonard is going to be on the Spurs for a while longer, at least. San Antonio does not appear to be urged to make a move right now.

So far, reports suggest that the Spurs are asking for too much in return for their All-NBA forward. No team has been willing to bite.

The Lakers have reportedly been asked to give up Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart and multiple first-round picks. Los Angeles is not going to do that.

NBA insider David Aldridge reported on Sunday night that the Lakers have stopped negotiating with the Spurs until the asking price comes down.

Another NBA executive, speaking to ESPN's The Undefeated, says he expects a deal to happen soon.

"You gotta expect that he’s gone sooner than later. You don’t want that dragging into the season. And for someone like Kawhi, you absolutely have to get something in return. … It’s like the entire league is just waiting on the shoe to drop," he said.

The Sixers and the Clippers are the other two teams being mentioned the most when it comes to a Kawhi Leonard trade. It's unclear what they're going to be willing to give up for the All-Star forward.

The NBA offseason has already had several major moves. A Kawhi Leonard trade could be next. Stay tuned.