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Photos Of The Lakers New Jerseys Leak On Facebook

lakers new jerseys leak at modells

The Los Angeles Lakers are set to officially unveil new uniforms ahead of the 2018-19 season, but, unsurprisingly, photos of the new jerseys appear to have already been published online.

Photos of the Lakers' new jerseys circulated last week, when they appeared to be accidentally put out at a sporting goods store, and Los Angeles' Facebook page appears to have accidentally published photos of them today.

They look good, at least.

The Lakers appear to be going back to the "Showtime Lakers" look. The uniforms have a throwback feel with a modern twist.

Here's a photo of the Lakers jerseys that leaked at the sporting goods store last week:

The NBA Store hinted this morning that the Lakers new jerseys should be officially unveiled at some point soon.

And, of course, they should look pretty great with LeBron James inside them.

LeBron spoke publicly on Monday about his decision to join the Lakers.

"I did my due diligence after the season on the pros and cons on a lot of different teams, including the Cavs and including Philadelphia, including Houston and Los Angeles," James said of his free agency decision. "So it wasn't as quick as it may seem. It just wasn't July 9 like it was before. So after talking to my family more than anybody, I felt like this was the next step in my journey."

The Lakers will enter the 2018-19 season with modest hopes. Los Angeles will not be considered the favorite in the West - the Warriors are, duh - but the LeBron James-led Lakers will obviously not be counted out.