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The Lakers Have Officially Unveiled Their 2018-2019 Jerseys, Which Pay Homage To Showtime

Lonzo Ball debuts the new Lakers jerseys.

It's been a big offseason for the Los Angeles Lakers and their fans. Earlier this month, they signed NBA superstar LeBron James, who will instantly make them a contender in the Western Conference. Now, they've unveiled a new look that has fans buzzing.

The Lakers will have new jerseys for the 2018-2019 season. The new digs will pay homage to the "Showtime" era - which fans are loving.

The jerseys leaked earlier in the day, but now we've got dozens of photos. Nike released a number of statements about this year's getup.

So far, it looks like there are three versions - white, purple and gold.

Unveiled for the 2018-19 season, the new Los Angeles Lakers uniforms bring back an element of the 1980s Showtime Era — updated numbers, which use a vertical drop shadow — along with a rounded neckline. The font effect references the Lakers' storied past, while also positioning a fresh direction for the franchise.

The Lakers also dropped a video that gives fans a better look. You can check that out below. It features clips of all the Lakers greats, including Magic, Shaq and Kobe.

It seems like a pretty solid bet that this year's top-selling NBA jersey will be LeBron's Lakers jersey - especially since fans are digging the new design.

The jerseys go on sale in 20 minutes. If you're interested, you might want to get on that.