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NBA Decides On Punishment For Players In Lakers-Rockets Fight

lakers and rockets brawl at staples center in los angeles

The NBA has reportedly decided on punishment for the players involved in Saturday night's fight during the Los Angeles Lakers-Houston Rockets game at STAPLES Center.

ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Rockets guard Chris Paul, Lakers guard Rajon Rondo and Lakers forward Brandon Ingram are all being suspended multiple games.

Ingram is reportedly getting four games, Rondo is reportedly getting three games and Paul is reportedly getting two games.

"Sources: NBA suspensions – Brandon Ingram 4 games; Rajon Rondo 3 games; Chris Paul 2 games."

The fight occurred when a scrum broke out on the court following an Ingram foul on Rockets guard James Harden. Ingram shoved Harden and players began to talk. Paul then felt Rondo spit on him and started pointing in Rondo's face, who responded with some punches. Rondo, Paul and Ingram were all believed to have thrown punches during the melee. Paul has likely received less games than Rondo and Ingram because of the alleged spitting incident. "From those who missed it this morning: here’s the key part of the video that sources told me the Rockets submitted to the NBA to show why Chris Paul felt he was provoked in last night’s fight at Staples Center. The league is expected to make a ruling on suspensions soon," Rachel Nichols tweeted.

The Lakers and Rockets players being punished by the NBA will probably be appealing the suspensions. The Rockets are set to play the Clippers in Los Angeles tonight. The Lakers are set to host the Spurs on Monday.