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Louisville Graphic Shows Lamar Jackson vs. Past Heisman Trophy Winners

Lamar Jackson is a Heisman Trophy front-runner.

Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson has had an unbelievable season thus far. The sophomore leads the nation in both passing touchdowns (18) and rushing touchdowns (16). Where does that stack up against past Heisman Trophy winners through seven games you ask?

There are some incredible names on that list, but none of them come close to what Jackson has done this season in terms of scoring. Tim Tebow, arguably the greatest college quarterback of all time, had just 27 touchdowns through seven games in 2007. Cam Newton? The 2010 Heisman Trophy winner had only 25 scores.

Jackson's got 908 rushing yards on the year to go along with 2,161 passing yards and nobody in the nation is doing what this Heisman Trophy hopeful has shown us this season.

Jackson knows how to get into the end zone and put up points and this graphic certainly shows just that.