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LaMelo Ball Trashed By Former Lithuanian Teammate

LaVar and LaMelo ball on Raw.


The Big Baller Brand experiment in Lithuania is over. LaVar Ball has taken his two sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo, off of their European team.

They were there for three months. It didn't appear to go very well.

ESPN’s Jeff Goodman joined Outside The Lines today to discuss what went on in Lithuania. The reporter who's often been alongside the Ball family says LaMelo, the youngest son, had it the worst.

“For LaMelo, it wasn’t very good," Goodman said. "He barely played in the Lithuanian League games. One former teammates described him to me earlier today as ‘lazy’ and ‘arrogant.’ Wasn’t really engaged in the whole process. (He) played undisciplined, which we’ve seen in AAU ball. But didn’t really get better. And that’s the goal over there for a 16-year-old is to improve and get better. Multiple people I talked to on that team, on Vytautas, said LaMelo really never bought in.”

LaMelo will get criticism for the "lazy" and "arrogant" descriptions, and that's probably fair, but it's also important to remember that he's supposed to be in high school. He was a five-star recruit living in California and his dad made him move to Lithuania to play with guys older and more developed than him.

He didn't play very well in Lithuania, as he averaged less than 7 points a game. He shot 27 percent from the floor.

Videos from the Ball family's Facebook show often showed LaMelo appearing to be frustrated and home sick.

It's unclear what exactly the plan is for LaMelo moving forward. He's still multiple years away from NBA eligibility.

You can watch Goodman's full interview below: