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Lane Kiffin's NCAA Tournament Bracket Is Going Viral

Lane Kiffin on ESPN with his eyes closed.

How's your NCAA Tournament bracket doing? Did you pick that UMBC over Virginia upset?

Almost surely not.

Lane Kiffin claims he did, though. The FAU head coach's NCAA Tournament bracket is going viral.

Now, people think he's lying, claiming he probably filled it out after the games started. Kiffin is adamant that it's real, though.

The head coach tweeted out a photo of his bracket on Friday night after the historic upset.

Check it out:

Kiffin actually claims to have picked UMBC to win the entire thing. Here's the left side of his bracket:

And here's the right side of his bracket:

Here's the thing about this bracket: Kiffin clearly filled it out after the games started, right? Why else would a couple of the teams be filled in in typed-out form and the others written in via pen?

But maybe he filled it out on Friday morning or something and actually did have UMBC beating Virginia. Maybe.