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Las Vegas Releases Surprising Prediction For A Jimmy Butler Trade

jimmy butler has reportedly asked to be traded

Jimmy Butler wants to be traded. The Athletic reported earlier today - and the reports have since been confirmed by multiple outlets - that the Minnesota Timberwolves' star guard has asked the franchise to trade him ahead of the 2018-19 season.

The Timberwolves' All-Star guard reportedly has three teams he's most-interested in being traded to. ESPN had the full details:

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Jimmy Butler is requesting a trade, and his three preferred destinations are the Brooklyn Nets, LA Clippers and New York Knicks, league sources told ESPN on Wednesday.

Butler wants a trade to a team that plans to sign him to a five-year, maximum contract that could be worth $190 million in the summer, and his list could expand based upon the Timberwolves' and rival teams' willingness to negotiate a trade for him, league sources said.

The sportsbook,, has since released odds on a potential Butler trade. They're somewhat surprising.

The team Butler is most-likely to be playing for on opening night it...the Timberwolves.

Here are the full odds:

T-wolves +100 Knicks +450 Nets +550 Clippers +550 Lakers +800 Celtics +1000 Raptors +1200 76ers +1400 Pacers +1400 Spurs +1400 Bulls +2500 Nuggets +2500 Warriors +2500

ESPN has reported that the Timberwolves have no intentions to trade him at this point, though, so the odds do make some sense.

For now, however, Timberwolves president and coach Tom Thibodeau has no interest in trading Butler and wants to try and return to the playoffs with him in the lineup, league sources said.

Miami has also been a team with interest in Butler, league sources said, but the Heat don't have the salary-cap space in July to pursue him.

Stay tuned.