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LaVar Ball Attempts To Justify Why His Brand's Basketball Shoes Cost $495

LaVar Ball has a less-than-satisfactory justification regarding why his son's basketball shoes cost $495.

Thursday, LaVar Ball's 'Big Baller Brand' unveiled its shoe line, and needless to say, the basketball world took notice. Ball set the price for his son's debut shoe - the ZO2 - at $495. That's almost $300 higher than any other top basketball sneaker on the market.

Friday, Ball gave Dan LeBatard a short explanation regarding why he priced the shoe so high.

"I figure that's what the shoe is worth," LaVar said. "When you are your own owner you can come up with any price you want."

The quote follows Ball's tweet from Thursday night, when he said you aren't a "big baller" if you can't afford the shoe.

If you're wondering, sales for the shoes for the first 24 hours weren't spectacular.

For the record, Ball is partially right. When you own a brand, you are free to charge whatever you want for your product. There is one issue, though, with his approach. You have to be able to convince enough people - not just yourself - that your product is worth a high price tag.

Ball's son, Lonzo, was a college star at UCLA - and he'll be a top draft pick this June. But until he proves himself as an elite NBA player, his shoe line isn't really worth much. We'll see how it plays out.

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