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LaVar Ball Is Now Selling "Stay In Yo Lane" T-Shirts

Kristine Leahy and LaVar Ball on "The Herd."

YouTube/HBK Sports

Of course he is.

If you didn't think LaVar Ball was going to try to profit off his controversial interaction with Kristine Leahy on Fox Sports 1's The Herd...actually, never mind, everyone thought he would.

And he is.

Big Baller Brand announced tonight that it's selling "Stay In Yo Lane" t-shirts.

The shirts are an obvious reference to what happened with Leahy on Colin Cowherd's radio show a a week ago.

Leahy was critical of Ball during an appearance on Speak For Yourself and Ball noticed. When Leahy went at him a bit during his appearance on The Herd, Ball refused to answer her questions, telling her to "stay in your lane" while making no eye contact with her.

The shirts go for $50. Seriously.