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People Are Freaking Out Thinking LeBron Is On This Plane To LA

LeBron James walks out of a press conference.

When it comes to NBA free agency, there is no rumor that seems too outlandish. No little tidbit of hearsay is too small or unbelievable.

In recent years, flight tracking has been a popular pastime. Fans find flights that they think contain players flying into cities where they might be signing.

Flight tracking is also a major part of coaching searches. Sure it seems pretty crazy but it is a trend that isn't going anywhere.

Earlier today, a Twitter user @JimSebow pointed out that a private jet has flown from Cleveland to Miami to Anguilla in the last 10 days and is now headed to Los Angeles.

It just so happens that LeBron was in Miami and has been in Anguilla, where he has a vacation home. That home is his reported "Decision Cave."

If you have nothing else to do on this summer Saturday, you can watch this plane's flight path here.

So what to make of this? Is LeBron actually on the plane? Or is it just some members of his family or team heading back to LA?

The intrigue is what makes free agency season the best.