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LeBron James Asked If He's Played His Last Game For The Cavaliers

LeBron James not happy with espn reporter Mark Schwartz's question.

Has LeBron James played his last game for the Cavaliers? Cleveland was swept in the NBA Finals tonight, as the Golden State Warriors won Game 4 in blowout fashion, securing their second straight league championship (and the third in four years).

James, of course, is going to be asked 1,000 times about his future until some kind of official decision is made. For now, though, he's not saying much.

The (possibly former) Cavaliers star was asked tonight if he's played in his last game for Cleveland.

His response: "I have no idea."

The full quote, actually, was "I have no idea at this point."

James has some time to think about his decision. Free agency doesn't technically start until July 1.

We could have an answer from him before that, though. He could opt into the final year of his contract (which is at max money) and be signed-and-traded to another franchise (like Chris Paul was last year).

So, we might not have to wait until July 1. Or maybe we will. Who knows at this point.