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LeBron's Interview With ESPN's Cassidy Hubbarth Is Going Viral

Cassidy Hubbarth interviewing LeBron James.

The Cleveland Cavaliers' star called the ESPN reporter the team's "good luck charm."

Tuesday night, the Cavs lost to the Magic by 18 points. They scored 9 points in the fourth quarter.

Today, every sports radio and TV show in the world talked about how bad things have gotten in Cleveland. Is this the end? Is LeBron done?

Not so fast, my friend. The Cavs got arguably their biggest win of the season tonight.

Cleveland topped Minnesota, 140-138, in overtime. LeBron James hit a game-winning, Christian Laettner-esque shot over Jimmy Butler.

After the game, LeBron did a post-game interview on ESPN with reporter Cassidy Hubbarth. The interview has since gone viral.

LeBron called Hubbarth the team's "good luck charm."

"We might need to have you here a couple more times, Cassidy, you give us that good luck charm," LeBron said. Watch the full interview below:

LeBron had previously said that he thinks the Cavs shouldn't be on national TV the rest of the season because of how bad they've been. Cassidy Hubbarth, though, can only be the sideline reporter for a Cavs game if it's a national TV game. Make up your mind, LeBron.