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There Are 5 Teams Seriously Chasing LeBron James In Free Agency

LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers stands on the court during their game against the Golden State Warriors.

OAKLAND, CA - JANUARY 16: LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers stands on the court during their game against the Golden State Warriors at ORACLE Arena on January 16, 2017 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

LeBron has yet to make a free agency decision. The league's best player might be close, though. Most believe James will be making his decision public before July 4.

There appear to be five teams seriously chasing LeBron in free agency. There are two clear favorites, one team that might be rising and two teams hoping to be considered.

The five teams chasing LeBron James in free agency are:


Cleveland was the first team to speak to LeBron when free agency began. He was on the phone with the Cavs' GM shortly after midnight.


The Lakers are the betting favorite to land LeBron. Sportsbooks have listed Los Angeles as the runaway favorite to sign him. However, it's unclear if any official meeting between LeBron and the Lakers will occur.


Philadelphia is the team on the rise when it comes to signing LeBron. The Sixers were reportedly able to secure a meeting with LeBron's representatives (but not LeBron himself) in Los Angeles today.


Houston was consistently named a potential for LeBron throughout the year, but the Rockets have kind of fallen off, hype-wise, anyway, in recent weeks.

James Harden, Chris Paul and Co. are still holding out hope that LeBron will consider them, however.

"I'm told Houston will continue pursuing LeBron James until he makes a final decision. No known meeting, but - cap obstacles be darned - they have not waved the white flag on that front," tweeted Sam Amick.


Denver is the dark-horse contender now. The Nuggets are reportedly aggressively pursuing a meeting with LeBron. It's unclear if they'll get one.


According to at least one report, LeBron has already made his decision. FOX Sports 1's Nick Wright is reporting that LeBron has made his decision and will be announcing it on Tuesday. Stay tuned.