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LeBron James Chose Not To Get Out Of His Car To Attend LaMelo vs. Zion AAU Game Due To "Security Concerns"

LeBron James made a smart decision on Wednesday night.

Wednesday night, Las Vegas was host to a much-hyped AAU game between two squads - Big Ballers vs. SC Supreme - that feature a number of top college prospects, including LaMelo Ball and Zion Williamson.

The scene, according to those in attendance, was wild. So wild, in fact, that LeBron James, who planned to sit courtside to take it all in, never even got out of the car after pulling up in the parking lot.

Here's more, via ESPN:

LeBron James had planned to watch the Ball-Williamson showdown courtside, but he did not get out of his vehicle after he arrived, instead deciding to avoid the frenzy after a conversation with people associated with the Adidas Uprising Summer Championships, a source told

James arrived with several people before choosing to skip an event that already had been dealing with overcrowding and local police threatening to shut it down, per the source.

For those wondering, it was SC Supreme that won the contest. Ball had 31 points in the loss.

LeBron's presence, in all likelihood, would have made for even more of a ridiculous scene. Perhaps it was for the best that he sat this one out.