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Report: LeBron's Close Friend Is Saying He Wants To Play In This NBA City

lebron james during game 7 of cavs-pacers

There is very little concrete information surrounding the impending free agency decision of LeBron James. All we know, so far, is that he hasn't officially made any kind of decision. We're probably going to have to wait a little while before we hear anything.

Various reports are starting to surface, though. A new report has surfaced, claiming a close friend of James is telling people he wants to be in a certain NBA city.

That city, unsurprisingly, is the home of the Lakers. It's Los Angeles.

Stephen A. Smith reported on his show that Chris Paul, one of James' closest friends in the league, is telling people that he wants to end up in L.A.

“Chris Paul is telling folks LeBron ain’t trying to come to Houston, he wants to be in L.A. These are things I am getting through the grapevine. Chris Paul is saying LeBron wants to be in L.A,” Smith said.

If true, this isn't surprising. James has been linked to Los Angeles for a while.

The NBA's best player owns multiple homes in the Los Angeles area. He spends a lot of his offseasons there. Many of the businesses he deals with are based in Southern California.

James, though, has surprised us with his decisions before. In both of his previous free agency decisions, there were multiple cities labeled the obvious favorite, and those cities did not end up getting him.

But Los Angeles is the betting favorite right now. And, if you ask most analysts, that's where they're predicting he will end up.

NBA free agency officially begins on July 1. It might be a while before James officially announces where he will be playing in 2018-19.