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Fans Think LeBron James Is Leaving Cleveland Based On This Photo

LeBron James walks out of a press conference.

According to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, NBA superstar LeBron James is down to either Cleveland or Los Angeles for his free agency decision. Will he stay with the Cavaliers, who he led to a title a few years back, or take on a new challenge with the Lakers?

The better question - does he even know right now? Do his agents know? What about Nike, his biggest sponsor?

Well, an interesting photo has been trending on Friday. A fan who goes by Mike Kyle posted an image of a LeBron Cavs jersey at 40% off in a Nike store. The photo has gone viral, as you'd imagine.

Yes, it could just be coincidence - maybe they have too many on the shelves right now. But DICK'S also appears to be selling LeBron jerseys at 50% off right now. Pretty interesting.

James will officially become a free agent on July 1, though most don't expect him to make his decision immediately. The last two times he's been a free agent, he's waited around 10 days to announce where he'll be playing next.

If James does head to Los Angeles, the NBA offseason will get more dramatic. James will want the Lakers to sign other free agent stars - including possibly Paul George - so he can make a run at the Warriors. There's also the Kawhi Leonard trade scenarios to consider.

So yes, this could be a false alarm. Or, Nike knows something. You be the judge.