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A Cleveland Pastor Says A "Legit Source" Told Him LeBron Is Coming Back

LeBron James announces his free agency decision in 2010.

LeBron James has made his decision. Well, a Cleveland pastor with more than 20,000 followers on Facebook is claiming that LeBron James has made his decision. And, it's good news for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

MyRon Edmonds, a Cleveland pastor with a sizable following on Facebook, took to his Facebook tonight to share some "inside information" he has regarding LeBron James and the Cavs.

That information: LeBron is coming back.

Edmonds claims that LeBron has made his decision and he's decided to return to Cleveland. The pastor claims to have a "rock solid source." The decision will be announced soon, too.

"In the next 24-48 hours...I have inside source, I have a source, a legit source that has confirmed to source tells me that LeBron James...and you can take this to the bank, brother...LeBron James will be dressed in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform next year," he said.

"You will hear it in the next 24-48 hours...there are deals being made as we speak that will allow the Cavaliers to go back to the Finals next year."

Edmonds announced his news during a video for his Facebook page. The video is about 11 minutes long.

You can fast-forward to the 7:00 mark before the real LeBron talk starts:

Is this legitimate? Well, probably not. LeBron has until midnight on Friday to decide if he's going to opt in or out of his 2018-19 contract with the Cavs, so it seems doubtful that he would have already decided something like this. But who knows at this point. Maybe LeBron has wanted to stay in Cleveland all along and he's just decided that's what he's going to do.

The pastor also says that the Cavs are currently working on some deals that will improve the squad around LeBron for 2018-19. It is possible that Cleveland could be close on a trade for Kemba Walker. The Cavs have reportedly remained in touch with Charlotte regarding a move for the All-Star point guard.

So, stay tuned. A decision from LeBron is coming eventually and it might be coming soon.