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Everyone Is Talking About What LeBron James Did Yesterday

LeBron James jumps off a cliff in Anguilla.

While the rest of the sports world is going crazy speculating where NBA superstar LeBron James will sign his next contract, the King himself seems to be enjoying his summer vacation with his family. In fact, it looks like he's become a bit of a daredevil in the process.

James, who will likely opt out of his contact with the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday, is currently in Anguilla - an island in the Caribbean. Thursday, he and his sons did some cliff jumping that likely had fans of all NBA teams holding their breath.

Thursday, James posted a video of himself stepping up to the edge of a cliff. A few hours later, he posted the entire video, which actually shows him jumping in.

James, in the clip, is clearly nervous to jump. There are a lot of rally cries before he finally does it - including him screaming "black excellence!" before he takes off.

Here's the video, which James posted to his Instagram account. It's a somewhat risky move for a man who relies on his body to make millions of dollars per year. But hey - to each his own.

As for James' free agency, it's thought that the Lakers, 76ers and Cavs are the three best options for the King. It's possible that James waits until San Antonio's decision on trading Kawhi Leonard before making his move.