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LeBron Has Reportedly Called These 3 All-Stars About Playing Together

lebron james during game 7 of cavs-pacers

LeBron James will reportedly not be taking elaborate free agency meetings if he doesn't opt into the final year of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The league's best player is reportedly uninterested in hearing big pitches from front office executives this time around.

The three-time NBA champion and his team know the landscape of the league well enough to, basically, make their free agency decision on their own. They don't need to sit down for some Hollywood-style pitch meeting.

What LeBron the free agent will be doing, though, is talking to the league's other best players. He's reportedly already been making some calls.

"LeBron is doing what we do — calling players on other teams he wants to play with," reports The OCR.

The players at this point are pretty obvious, too - Chris Paul, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard.

Paul has been attempting to recruit him to Houston, while George and Leonard are potential teammates in Los Angeles. It's also somewhat possible that James could lure one of them (or another star) to Cleveland.

ESPN's Ryen Russillo tweeted earlier this month that James was indeed scanning the market to see who's interested in coming to Cleveland.

"James is scanning the market and seeing if players want to join him in CLE. If no one wants to come to CLE, he’s probably gone. But this is why I’ve said there’s still a chance," Russillo reports.

James' camp, meanwhile, is reportedly growing pessimistic about Paul George going to the Lakers. If George does end up staying in Oklahoma City, that could be a good sign for Cleveland.

This is all going to heat up shortly. NBA free agency is set to officially begin on Sunday. Players like LeBron have until later this week to decide if they're going to opt into the final year of their contract. Buckle in.