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The Halftime Score Of LeBron Jr.'s AAU Game Is Absolutely Insane

lebron james jr. warms up for a game with dad watching

LeBron is in Las Vegas tonight, checking out the AAU game featuring his son's team. He has some company with him, as his close friend Chris Paul and his former coach, Tyronn Lue, are both in the stands with him.

LeBron Jr., whose AAU team recently took an unofficial visit to Duke, is putting on quite the show in front of some NBA royalty that includes his father.

His team was up, 47-5, at halftime.

Yes, that's a real score.

Videos of LeBron watching his son's team play have been going viral on social media, too.

Jeff Goodman is on hand for the game, too. He says LeBron has been cheering for all of the kids on his son's team, calling them by name. Sure, a dad should probably know the names of every kid on their son's team, but it's LeBron, so it's kind of cool. "Kinda cool that (LeBron) knows every kids name on his son’s team. Yelling encouragement to them throughout the game," Goodman tweeted.

LeBron witnessed his son's team go up 26-0 to start the game and they were up 47-5 at halftime. The final score of this one is probably going to be pretty brutal.

LeBron Jr. is expected to be a high-major prospect, though it's still really early. He's not even in high school yet.

247Sports’ Adam Rowe has more details on the Duke visit, too:

Former Duke guard and current Director of Basketball Operations, Nolan Smith, led the AAU team on a tour of the facilities, although they were greeted first by current Duke freshman Zion Williamson in the hallways of Duke’s historic gym. Williamson told Blue Chips’ coaches that he was adjusting well to being a Duke college freshman.

Team USA is having its minicamp in Las Vegas this week, too, but LeBron is not expected to take part in it.