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5 Schools Named Favorites To Land Commitment From LeBron James Jr.

lebron james jr. warms up for a game with dad watching

LeBron's oldest son, Bronny, is only 13 years old. But as-of this week, you can officially place a bet on where he'll be playing his college basketball. The odds-on favorite won't be a huge surprise either.

LeBron James Jr. currently plays for an AAU team called the North Coast Blue Chips, which is mowing down opponents this summer. Bronny is one of the stars of the team, though it's debatable whether at the moment he's the best player on the roster.

Still, you have to assume that in the next five years, he's going to at least become a solid candidate to playing Division I college hoops. Duke, at the moment, is the favorite to land him.

It isn't a surprise. LeBron, because of Team USA, has a great relationship with head coach Mike Krzyzewski. Bronny and his AAU team also visited Duke earlier this week.

The other teams in the mix, per Bookmaker? Kentucky, of course. We've also got Kansas, UNC and UCLA.

The main variable is likely how long Coach K (or Coach Cal for that matter) will stick around. Bronny needs another five years before he can play college basketball, and the coaching situation at each of these schools could look different by then.

Another variable has to do with the NBA's upcoming decision regarding the "one and done" rule. If it's gone by the 2022 season, Bronny, if good enough, could skip college. So Duke fans, for multiple reasons, shouldn't get too excited just yet.

One thing is for sure - he's going to be the biggest recruit, at least by name, in quite some time.