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More Details Have Emerged From What LeBron James Told Kyrie Irving

A close-up of LeBron James' injured eye.

The relationship in Cleveland between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving was not good. The Cavs ultimately ended up trading Irving to Boston, but the star point guard had reportedly considered demanding a trade much earlier.

There are likely several reasons for the relationship going south, but the main reason seems to be that Irving didn't think he needed LeBron as much as everyone else thought.

A new comment LeBron reportedly made about Irving during the 2015 NBA Playoffs has surfaced. It's a decent look into why the relationship suffered.

Joe Vardon of says LeBron and his camp were calling Irving "soft" during those playoffs.

From 92.3 The Fan Cleveland:

This annoyed LeBron and LeBron’s people to no end. They were calling him soft and questioning his toughness, and LeBron was doing it in comments to the media.

Irving was hurt during the 2015 NBA Playoffs and ended up having to miss most of that Finals series against Golden State.

The star point guard of course returned in 2016 and helped LeBron lead the Cavs to the championship that season.

Both players are now gone from Cleveland, with LeBron in Los Angeles and Kyrie in Boston.