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LeBron James Pissed Off Lakers Fans By Not Showing Up To A Pizza Party He Implied He'd Attend

LeBron James announces his free agency decision in 2010.

LeBron James provided free pizza for thousands of people in Los Angeles on Tuesday and still managed to tick a good portion of them off. It's an interesting way to introduce himself to Lakers fans who will be cheering for him over the next three or four years.

Tuesday, Blaze Pizza, which is partially owned by James, offered free pizza for a three-hour period at around 50 of its California locations to celebrate his decision to join the Lakers. James, to help promote the campaign, tweeted about the event - adding that he hadn't "been to a pizza party in a minute" - implying that he might head to the Culver City location during the time frame.

Many Lakers fans read the tweet and expected James to show up at the Culver City location - at least for a few minutes.

Hundreds of supporters flocked to the pizza establishment, forming a ridiculous line. The only problem? LeBron never showed. His wife later posted an Instagram photo of him floating around in a pool.

As such, fans are ticked off.

We imagine that Lakers fans will forgive him if he makes the team competitive this season. And yes, they did still get free pizza.

LeBron in Los Angeles is going to be entertaining, that's for sure.