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LeBron James Reportedly Had An Important Meeting In Las Vegas Last Night

lebron james at lakers summer league

LeBron James' much-publicized visit to the Las Vegas Summer League on Sunday was mostly to see the Lakers' young players in their playoff matchup. That wasn't all it was for though.

According to ESPN's Ramona Shelburne, LeBron used his time in Sin City to meet with his future head coach. He and Luke Walton sat down and spoke about the upcoming season.

Incredibly, while Walton is a few years older, he and LeBron were both in the same draft class (2003). They also competed against each other for years in the NBA, so they are sort of more like peers than just player and coach.

By what Shelburne has reported, the meeting went well. Walton seems to have come away impressed.

We all know LeBron's history with head coaches not named Erik Spoelstra. Usually, they end up getting replaced while James is on the roster.

Who knows how the partnership with him and Walton will work out over time, but it is important that the two of them at least start things off on the right foot.

Sunday night was probably one way to ensure that will happen.