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LeBron James Not Happy With ESPN Reporter's Question After Game 3 Loss

LeBron James not happy with espn reporter Mark Schwartz's question.

Unfortunately, this year's edition of the Cavaliers-Warriors rivalry doesn't appear to be all that competitive. Golden State is up, 3-0, in the NBA Finals, one win away from a second straight championship (and a third in four years).

What is entertaining, though, is the "rivalry" between LeBron James and ESPN reporter Mark Schwartz. The duo has now had a couple of moments during press conferences that have gone viral.

Earlier in the series, James told Schwartz to "be better tomorrow" after he repeatedly asked him about J.R. Smith's blunder.

Tonight, James was asked by Schwartz to describe what was going on in his mind during Kevin Durant's back-breaking 3-pointer.

Cleveland's star said Schwartz should be a "psychiatrist" for asking him so much about his mind.

Then, after James asked him an answer, Schwartz asked a follow-up question.

It was a little cringe-worthy to watch.

You can watch the sequence below:

Welp. We'll see what Schwartz and James have in store for the Game 4 press conference.

The Warriors and the Cavs, meanwhile, will play what could be the final game of the series on Friday.