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Watch LeBron James React To His Son's First In-Game Dunk Attempt

lebron james reacts to his son almost dunking in a game

LeBron James spent part of his weekend doing what a lot of parents do - he watched his sons play basketball. James' sons, unsurprisingly, are really, really good at basketball.

His oldest son, LeBron Jr., is a rising eighth grader. He's LeBron's son, so of course he's already getting a lot of unfair hype and attention. A lot of this is actually deserved, though.

LeBron Jr. already has scholarship offers from several major colleges. He'll likely be ranked as one of the top players in the country when he enters high school.

Watch video of him play and it's easy to see why this is the case.

LeBron Jr. nearly threw down a vicious in-game dunk over the weekend. His father was hyped.

SLAM tweeted out video of James reacting to his son's first in-game dunk attempt. It's pretty awesome.

LeBron Jr. will likely play a major factor in his dad's free agency decision, too. LeBron has said that his family will play a serious role in his impending decision and where he ends up will affect his son's high school career.

There are already rumors about LeBron Jr. "committing" to a Los Angeles-area high school, flaming the Lakers' speculation.

We'll find out in a couple of weeks what's actually true and what' snot. Free agency begins on July 1.