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LeBron James Takes Shot At Former Teammates Who Reacted Poorly When He Was Drafted

Carlos Boozer appears on TV.

LeBron James apparently was doubted by some of his early teammates.

LeBron James was arguably the most hyped high school basketball player in history when he entered the 2003 NBA Draft, and it's fair to say that most people assumed he'd eventually be a star in the NBA. But Thursday night, he dropped a video that shows that not everyone in the world was convinced of his eventual ascension.

In a news brief from back in 2003, four then-Cleveland Cavaliers are asked their thoughts about James' arrival. A few were clearly feeling a bit threatened.

Carlos Boozer: "We have better players than him at his position already on our team though. His potential is, probably, sky's the limit though."

Ricky Davis: "If we get LeBron it's just going to add to what we need. It'll make things a little bit easier."

Smush Parker: "He will come in and make an immediate impact like Caron Butler did for the Miami Heat."

Darrius Miles: "I don't think you can really just bring a high school player in and really just think your team is going to turn around that. If he comes, he can just hop on our bandwagon and hopefully we can do something big."

James posted video of the clip during the NBA Draft with quite a quote:

So just imagine how hard is to fight off the naysayers, doubters, haters that u never see but u know they talking crazy behind tv screens, computers, phones, tablets. Then imagine fighting off naysayers, doubters, haters that u would think have your back and u see them everyday! Keep the grass cut, so u can see em when they coming. Then u heat they ass up. Cause they cats that u went to play with, will catch you in your new whip and your brains into cool-whip(Kiss said it best)! So basically no matter what u do just keep the blinders on at all times, work hard, push forward and I promise you'll have the last ??????????????????? #StriveforGreatness?#RWTW?

Here's the Instagram post:

James, of course, turned the franchise around in a few short years. He later left for the Miami Heat, but returned after four years to help the Cavaliers win their first title. It looks like the few doubters are still fueling his fire years later.