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Report: LeBron James Stopped The Cavs From Trading For An All-Star Last Year

A close-up of LeBron James' injured eye.

The current makeup of the Cleveland Cavaliers' roster isn't the best. It looks like LeBron James might be on his way out and outside of Kevin Love, the franchise doesn't have many other solid assets. They have a lot of money poured into the rest of their players, too.

If last summer had gone just a little differently, though, Cleveland could've been in significantly better shape. The Cavs reportedly had a deal on the table for an All-Star guard.

ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Adam Schefter's podcast today that Cleveland could've traded for Paul George without giving up Kyrie Irving. However, the Cavs were unable to get a commitment for the future from James.

So, Cleveland decided it was in its best interest to hold onto Love.

"Last summer, they could have acquired Paul George," Woj said, as transcribed by NBA Reddit. "I think Paul George wanted to know, 'if LeBron commits to some years going forward, then I might be willing to commit.'

"When LeBron wasn't willing to commit to an extension, that told me, they could have had Paul George without losing Kyrie. That's a very different team: Kyrie Irving, Paul George and LeBron James.

"When he wasn't ready to do that then, Cleveland was worried and rightly so."

Perhaps Irving would've still demanded a trade and then both LeBron and George would've left in free agency this summer. Or, maybe, those three would've decided to continue playing with each other, giving Golden State a truly formidable foe in the Eastern Conference.

There have been a lot of "what-ifs" in recent NBA history. This is certainly close to the top of the list.