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Oklahoma City School Denies Rumor About LeBron James, Wife

lebron james and his wife pose for a picture on instagram

Another day, another "report" about a school being toured by a member of LeBron James' family. Every time LeBron is a free agent, this happens. And every time, we can't help but talk about.

This new "report" seems a bit more speculative than the rest, though. And it's since been shot down.

Barstool's Oklahoma State account tweeted out this afternoon that James' wife, Savannah, is currently on a tour of Heritage Hall, a prominent private school in the Oklahoma City area.

"BREAKING: Sources saying that Lebron’s wife is touring Heritage Hall in Oklahoma City today," the account tweeted.

"We have had more of a confirmation from our original source. Lebron’s wife was at Heritage Hall yesterday and is touring today."

Dylan Buckingham, a TV reporter in the Oklahoma City area, has since shot this down. He says he talked to people from the school and they said they "haven't heard anything" about James' wife touring the school.

Schools in Los Angeles, San Antonio, Philadelphia and now Oklahoma City have all now been linked to LeBron and his upcoming decision. James does have two sons and a daughter, with the oldest son - LeBron Jr. - being one year away from high school.

His decision will surely take into account his kids' future, especially that of LeBron Jr., who should be a top high school basketball prospect, but it's unclear if he's actually been touring any schools this summer.

LeBron, meanwhile, is currently enjoying himself at a tropical location.

LeBron should be making his decision at some point in the next week or two. Free agency officially begins on Sunday at midnight. Reports have suggested that James could announce his decision before July 4.