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LeBron Walks Out Of Press Conference After Being Asked About J.R. Smith's Blunder

LeBron James walks out of a press conference.

LeBron James put on one of the best displays we've ever seen on Thursday night, scoring 51 points with eight rebounds and eight assists. But after a bizarre series of events down the stretch, his Cleveland Cavaliers still lost the contest. James, predictably, was salty after the game in his press conference.

After Steph Curry was fouled making a layup, his free throw gave the Warriors a 107-106 lead. George Hill was fouled on Cleveland's ensuing possession, but missed the second free throw, leaving the score tied at 107-107. J.R. Smith gathered the offensive rebound, and instead of putting it back up for a potential game-winning basket, he dribbled it out towards mid-court, thinking that his team had a one-point lead.

The clock ran out and the game went to overtime, where Golden State prevailed.

Smith was asked about the blunder after the game. He says he knew the score, but his head coach, Ty Lue, made it clear he didn't.

James was asked about J.R. Smith's mindset after the game as well. It did not go well, to say the least.

James was not interested in giving any kind of explanation regarding what might have been going through Smith's head in the final seconds. After being pressed on the same question multiple times, he storms off the podium.

On his way out, he tells the reporter "be better tomorrow." Here's the whole sequence, via TNT:

James. clearly, is in peak frustration mode right now. He played arguably the game of his life and still came up short against a team that's already beaten him twice in the NBA Finals. A frustrated LeBron is a dangerous LeBron, but the Warriors still may just be too much.