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LeBron's Former GM Says This NBA Team Has 'Leg Up' To Sign Him In Free Agency

LeBron James walks out of a press conference.

At least two more games remain in the 2017-18 NBA season, as the Golden State Warriors are currently leading the Cleveland Cavaliers, 2-0, in the NBA Finals, but everyone's eyes are already set on free agency.

This is because of one man, really - LeBron James. The league's best player is expected to hit free agency this summer.

Many expect James to leave Cleveland this summer. Teams like the Rockets, Lakers and Sixers, among others, are believed to be contenders to sign him.

David Griffin, James' former GM with the Cavs, believes one of those teams has the "leg up" to sign him.

He said he believes that the Sixers do have an advantage. He made these comments while speaking to Zach Gelb on CBS Sports radio:

I don’t know what boxes he would be checking," Griffin said. "I think staying in the East probably gives him the best chance to win a championship if he was going to leave Cleveland. Maybe staying in Cleveland gives him the best chance to get there, I don’t know. If I knew what boxes he was going to check, I’d have a better feel for it."

"I do think it is significant, though, that Rich Paul is the representative for Ben Simmons as well. So he’s going to know the organization very well, and I think that will certainly give them a leg up, because I know Brett Brown is somebody that you’re going to look at when you’re LeBron, and you’re going to look at Pop, you're going to look at the coach in L.A. … all the teams he’s went to, coaching is going to matter. And I think because Ben has intimate knowledge of Coach Brown, that will probably help.”

The Sixers are listed as the betting favorite to land LeBron.

Free agency starts on July 1.