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LeBron's Media Company Just Deleted A Tweet About His Free Agency

LeBron James walks out of a press conference.

LeBron James' media company, UNINTERRUPTED, has caused a bit of a controversy this afternoon. The company tweeted out some emojis that had NBA fans freaking out about James' free agency decision. The account has since deleted the tweet.

This afternoon, UNINTERRUPTED's Twitter account responded to a Bleacher Report story about James' decision. The tweet featured the "Rockets" emoji.

The Houston Rockets, of course, are one of the teams being mentioned as a possible destination for James this summer.

The tweet sparked a ton of reaction. It probably didn't actually mean anything (would LeBron really tell someone running UNINTERRUPTED's Twitter account what he's going to do?) but of course, it fueled the speculation. The tweet was unsurprisingly not up for long. The tweet has been deleted.

We're off, indeed.

There's going to be a ton of speculation about LeBron and his decision moving forward. Everyone from the Cavs to the Rockets to the Lakers to the Sixers is being mentioned as a potential destination. There was even a rumor today about LeBron's wife touring a school in Oklahoma City.

A decision might not be too far off, either. Free agency is set to officially begin on July 1. Some believe James will be making a decision before July 4.