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Leonard Hamilton Releases Statement About Interview With CBS' Dana Jacobson

Leonard Hamilton's post-game interview went viral.

Florida State head coach Leonard Hamilton had one of the most-bizarre post-game interviews we've ever seen following the Seminoles' loss to Michigan in the Elite Eight on Saturday night.

CBS sideline reporter Dana Jacobson asked Hamilton about FSU's end-of-game decision making. Specifically, she asked about the Seminoles' decision to not foul down by four points with about 10 seconds to go.

Hamilton was visually perturbed by the question and did not seem to understand why she was asking it.

"What are you talking about?" he replied.

The whole thing was weird and unsettling.

You can watch it below:

Hamilton released on Twitter this afternoon a statement regarding the interview. He says his emotions got the best of him.

We still do not really know why Florida State didn't foul down by 4 points with 10 seconds to go. And at this point, we probably never will.