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LiAngelo Ball Reveals The Latest On His Potential NBA Future

LiAngelo Ball gives interview to ESPN.

There will be one Ball brother playing for the Lakers in 2018-19. Of course, that will be Lonzo Ball, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. Will there eventually be two, though?

LaVar Ball has said that his middle son, LiAngelo Ball, will soon be a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, too.

Is that actually going to happen?

LiAngelo believes it will.

TMZ Sports recently spoke to LiAngelo and asked him if he'll be joining the Lakers.

"Yeah, I will," LiAngelo told TMZ. "Probably later. I think I will."

LiAngelo, though, has reportedly received no calls from NBA teams. He is not a member of anyone's Summer League roster, either.

From TMZ:

Just one problem ... Gelo says nobody from the NBA has called about putting him on their roster -- so sounds like it'll DEFINITELY be later rather than sooner.

LaVar is still confident he'll get to the pros -- and guaranteed at least TWO titles once the Lakers sign Gelo.

Maybe we'll be seeing LiAngelo and Lonzo on the same NBA team at some point in the future. That future seems quite far off at this point, though.