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Lindsey Vonn Continues To Make Headlines With TV Show Appearance

A picture of Lindsey Vonn from behind.

Lindsey Vonn is managing to stay in the public eye despite her career as a United States Winter Olympics athlete likely being over.

The star skier will be making a prominent TV show appearance later this summer. The news was announced on Wednesday.

Vonn, along with several other athletes, will be a part of "Shark Week." She, along with other prominent athletes like Aaron Rodgers and Rob Gronkowski, will “join forces with top shark scientists to learn crucial information about the ocean’s top predators,” the Discovery Channel announced.

Shark Week is set to take place in about two months.

Vonn previously made some headlines for some beach photos she posted on Instagram.

The star skier was cleaning up the beach, in her bikini. Check it out:

Good for Lindsey.

Shark Week should be fun, too.