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Lindsey Vonn Posts Photos With New Boyfriend P.K. Subban

Lindsey Vonn and her boyfriend P.K. Subban step out.

Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, who once dated Tiger Woods, apparently has a new beau. Last week, it was reported that Vonn and NHL star P.K. Subban, who plays for the Nashville Predators, were an item. After Vonn's Instagram activity this week, it's become obvious that the two are full-on dating.

Vonn posted photos from the duo attending the 2018 NHL Awards. Subban, who is Canadian, has been with the Predators for two years - he played for the Montreal Canadiens for the first seven years of his NHL career.

Vonn's Olympic career is over at this point, but she's kept a high profile since the games ended a few months back. She's made a number of appearances on television and posted a few photos/videos that have gone viral on social media.

Here's a look at the photos, via Vonn's Instagram account. She congratulates Subban on getting the cover for NHL 2019 - calling him "babe" in the process.

Vonn, who was born Lindsey Kildow but kept her married last name after divorce, is one of the most accomplished skiers in history. She's participated in four Olympic games, winning three medals in the process. She won gold in the 2010 Vancouver games for the Downhill event.

In the process, she's also become a celebrity. Vonn's personal life has been documented by the tabloids - especially when she started dating Woods.

It seems like Vonn and Subban are happy. It's cool to see two super-accomplished athletes finding time for each other.