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Lindsey Vonn Addresses The "Savage Abuse" She's Been Getting Online Since Her Trump Comments

Lindsey Vonn cries during interview.


United States Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn will walk away from the PyeongChang games with a bronze medal for her efforts, but it's fair to say that not every American was rooting for her to succeed.

This past December, Vonn commented on President Donald Trump, suggesting that if she were to medal in this year's games, she wouldn't visit the White House to celebrate. She also said that she wouldn't be "representing" Trump at the games.

Given our current political climate, many took exception to her words. As a result, she gets bombarded with hate on Twitter seemingly non-stop. Here's a sampling, just from today:

Vonn was asked about what she's been dealing with online after finishing third in the downhill. She suggested that Americans should focus on building each other up instead of tearing each other down.

She also called what she's been dealing with "savage abuse." Per Yahoo:

"I think social media can be used in a positive way if you're a good person. I feel like recently it's just taken a different turn and I hope it turns around.

"Instead of tearing people down we can build people up. That's what sports is about. You're supposed to be uplifting. This is the Olympics, we cheer for every country, instead of someone hoping that someone takes a fall or skis off a cliff and dies.

"It's hard for me to understand the thought process of the savage abuse I've taken on the internet. In real life most people wouldn't say that to me to my face.

Vonn, who is now 33 years old, likely won't be afforded the chance to compete in the Olympics again. But we imagine she'll stay part of the conversation moving forward.