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Lingerie Football League Player Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction

A player complains to the official about a foul.

On Thursday, the Legends Football League posted a video on YouTube featuring the "wow clip" of the week, and it didn't disappoint.

The ladies who participate in the lingerie football league aren't afraid to hit each other, and as made clear by the video, they're not afraid to yell at the refs for what they believe is a missed call.

That was on full display in this clip.

Alli Alberts suffered a wardrobe malfunction during the game. She wanted some kind of penalty called on the opposition.

None was called, and she let the ref have it.

WARNING: Semi-graphic language.

Nothing came of the incident, though perhaps Alberts put any future incident in the minds of the refs.

Now, these kinds of plays are going to happen, especially when the players are basically wearing sports bras and small pads.

Should the ref have done more here?