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Look At What Bill Belichick Was Wearing When He Arrived In Minnesota

A photo of Bill Belichick with his girlfriend

This sure looks like a guy who's ready to win another Super Bowl.

The New England Patriots have arrived in Minnesota. The franchise's big plane landed in Minneapolis moments ago.

The team held a pep rally in Foxboro this morning at 9 and then took off for Minnesota at about 11. The pep rally included a big speech from Tom Brady.

Brady's ra-ra speech finished with a "We love you, Patriots out!” and a literal mic drop. You can watch it here.

The highlight of the Patriots' day so far, though, has to be what a certain coach looked like getting off the plane. Bill Belichick arrived in Minnesota in style.

New England's 65-year-old coach is known for his sweatshirt look. However, he classed it up for the Super Bowl flight.

Belichick, walking off the plane with his longtime girlfriend, Linda Holliday, was wearing a dapper suit and a black fedora. Seriously.

Photos of Belichick have thankfully been tweeted out. You have to see them:

That's a strong look. A cocky one, to be honest.

Eagles fans should probably be pretty nervous.